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Welcome to YourTown Health

YourTown Health is a non-profit network of seven Community Health Centers serving the communities of Meriwether, Pike, Lamar, Carroll, Coweta, and South Fulton counties. YourTown Health has proudly served these communities for over 40 years. Our highly trained physicians and staff are dedicated to bringing excellent, affordable healthcare services to your community.

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Affordable Healthcare With YourTown Health

Welcome to YourTown Health, where affordable healthcare meets compassion. Our primary mission revolves around providing high-quality medical services at prices you can afford, regardless of your health insurance or financial situation. We’ve introduced a Sliding Fee Scale designed to enhance access to healthcare, especially if you are underinsured or facing financial challenges. This innovative scale tailors costs to your household size and income, making essential medical and behavioral health visits accessible for everyone. Thanks to recent policy changes, patients who qualify for our Sliding Scale Nominal can receive their care free of charge.

Even if you have Medicare or private insurance but struggle with co-pays, you can apply for reduced rates through our Sliding Fee Scale program. This update is not just about numbers; it’s about our commitment to your well-being. YourTown Health aims to welcome more new patients, ensuring our community’s health. Experience affordable healthcare near you with YourTown Health.

YourTown Health’s Approach to Healthcare

At YourTown Health, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of their insurance status. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized medical services to every patient who walks through our doors. With a focus on community well-being, we strive to create a welcoming environment where individuals and families can receive the care they need. Discover a healthcare experience tailored to your needs, where your well-being is our top priority. YourTown Health is here for you, because everyone deserves exceptional healthcare, with no exceptions.

Six Common Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

Six Common Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

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Five Ways to Manage Your Asthma

Five Ways to Manage Your Asthma

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Post-Holiday Health: Navigating COVID-19 Variants, Flu, and RSV

Post-Holiday Health: Navigating COVID-19 Variants, Flu, and RSV

When it comes to post-holiday health, we tend to focus on resolutions like eating well or exercising more. But it’s hard to stay committed to resolutions when you’re sick, which is why illness prevention should be a priority. Contagious viruses like  COVID-19,...

Barnesville Office

101 Commerce Place, Suite 1
Barnesville, Georgia 30204

Carrollton Office

202 Croft Street
Carrollton, Georgia 30117

Palmetto Office and YourTown Health Pharmacy

643 Main Street
Palmetto, Georgia 30268

Palmetto QuickCare

507 Park St.
Palmetto, Georgia 30268

Senoia Office

48 Main Street, Suite 3A
Senoia, Georgia 30276

Warm Springs Office

3939 Whitehouse Parkway
Warm Springs, Georgia 31830

Zebulon (Milby Medical Center) Office

16201 Barnesville Street
Zebulon, Georgia 30295

YourTown Health Locations

YourTown Health’s network of seven non-profit Community Health Centers serves the communities of Meriwether, Pike, Lamar, Coweta, Carroll, and South Fulton counties.