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On Saturday, August 8, YourTown Health’s CEO, Jon Wollenzien, and director of human resources, Luke Putnam, appeared as guests on “Lenz on Business” on WSB Radio. 

During the show, Wollenzien, Putnam, and “Lenz on Business” host, Jon Waterhouse, spoke about how YourTown Health differentiates itself as a community health center and its unique response to COVID-19 testing. 

YourTown Health is a non-profit network of eight community health centers. “Every one of our community health centers are different,” Wollenzein says on the show, “and that’s what differentiates community health centers from the private marketplace. Our offices are very open and acceptable to all races, genders, sexual orientation, religion. It doesn’t matter. We are here to serve every single person in the community.” 

Moreover, during this pandemic, YourTown Health has facilitated numerous COVID-19 testing sites, taking mobile medical units to surrounding communities. The executive leadership team suits up in PPE and conducts these free COVID tests alongside the staff. “We feel it’s important to put [YourTown Health’s leadership team] out there in the same way our staff are doing,” says Putnam. “This allows us a little bit more of an understanding of what our staff is going through on a daily basis during this pandemic.” 

Listen to YourTown Heath CEO, Jon Wollenzein, and Director of Human Resources, Luke Putnam full segment on “Lenz on Business” below.

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