Thanksgiving is a day associated with tables full of delicious food, family members and laughter, but why not start a tradition that includes a healthy activity for everyone? From physical to charitable activities, these are sure to get your family and friends out of the house and smiling.  

Touch Football

Get out in the backyard or find a local field, and start a friendly game of touch football. Touch football is several parts american football and one part tag. This is a game for the whole family, so gather both the kids and the adults and let the games begin.
Touch Football Rules

Go on a Hike

Check the weather, pick a trail and get the family out for a hike. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to boost your mood and will surely help walk off any extra food consumed during a Thanksgiving feast. Even your furry friends can join you for this one.
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5K Race

Nothing is better to help shed those extra calories than by running a race. Different communities have multiple groups for all ages to participate, and if you’re a seasoned runner you can find a half marathon. And don’t forget to wear your best Thanksgiving Day costumes! You’re sure to get laughs and endorphins going with this activity, but hurry – registration deadlines end soon!
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Last but not least, gather the family for some volunteer work. There are many families and individuals out there who don’t have the means for a good Thanksgiving meal. However soup kitchens and meal delivery services typically have an overwhelming response on turkey day, so search for other ways to help. Whichever way you choose, this activity will spread the smiles and enjoyment beyond your family.
Other Ways to Volunteer