The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we could never imagine. The same is true for the healthcare industry. One of the many challenges our industry has faced is continuing regular, in-person care for patients. Virtual visits or “Telehealth” have become a great solution for this. Although Telehealth services have been around for many years, the rise in popularity began at the start of the pandemic. In fact, it has now become the norm for healthcare providers to offer these services to patients.

Although there is value in seeing your provider in person, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Telehealth has become beneficial in fighting against the virus. Want to learn more? Continue reading below.

Allows More Patients to Be Seen

Telehealth allows for more patients to be seen, as the visits are completed more efficiently online or over the phone; saving both the physician and the patient time.

Prevents the Spread of COVID-19

With Telehealth, fewer patients are physically coming into the office for their visit. Therefore, preventing any spread of COVID-19 that might happen during their travel or time in the office. Fewer patients coming to the office means:

  • Fewer people in the waiting room. Telehealth is a great way for patients to stay in contact with their providers while staying safe.
  • Less face-to-face interaction between doctor and patients; protecting both the provider and patient.
  • Easier ability to keep six feet apart.
  • Allows more time to properly clean and sanitize the office.

We need to embrace Telehealth today, so we can continue to do all that is necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring our patients that need to be seen in person, can do so safely. It’s all about protecting ourselves and each other.

Do you have any questions about how Telehealth is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic? At YourTown Health, we are proud to offer Telehealth solutions to new and existing patients. Contact a YourTown Health office location to ask about a convenient virtual visit or to speak with our dedicated staff.