It’s officially fall, which means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! But because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, admittedly this year (much like last year) still might look a bit different than you dreamed. We know that many are tired of factoring COVID-19 protocols into the holidays. Halloween is supposed to be a night of lighthearted mischief and haunt — not another opportunity to worry about the pandemic. 

We all want the best of both worlds, but it’s hard to know how to have a good time while staying safe.

Your neighbors at YourTown Health want to help you celebrate authentically (and safely), which is why we’re here to make sure the only scares that you experience this Halloween come from ghouls and goblins — not exposure to infection. 

Halloween in 2021

Although this Halloween might not look like those of years past, it’ll be a bit freer than it was in 2020. This more open feeling has much to do with the growing number of those who are vaccinated. If you’re one of the millions who have gotten your vaccination against COVID-19, rest assured that you have an extra layer of protection. And if you aren’t vaccinated yet, there’s still time to do so before the Halloween festivities begin. 

Though the safety reins clearly aren’t as tight as they were last year, we still recommend following the same guidelines:

  • Choose parties and community events being held outside. The more open air, the better.
  • Even if you’re partying outside, wear a mask when you can. You could even incorporate it into your costume! (Mad scientist? BioHazard Witch? The options are endless!) Keep in mind that decorative masks don’t take the place of those that safely cover your mouth and nose.
  • Carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes along with you, and if there’s an opportunity to wash your hands with soap and water – take it!
  • If the party gets crowded, social distancing becomes less possible. If people are taking off their masks, it’s an even more sure sign you should probably pack it up. Exposure in close quarters isn’t worth the risk, and you can have just as much fun at home. 

Wondering how? Keep reading.

Halloween at Home

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating this autumn holiday at home. Here are a few tips on how you can keep Halloween within your own four walls, but still have a terrifyingly good time. 

Go all out with decorations.

Get into the spirit by making your house the hub for all things Halloween. We’re talking spider webs, fog machines, string lights, skeletons, scarecrows — the whole spooky shebang. Letting loose with decorations (even if you can’t let loose in other ways) will make the holiday that much more noteworthy. (And photo worthy, too!)

Hunt for glowing eggs.

It’s like Easter, but creepy! Hide colorful, glowing eggs around the house and your yard along with candy treats, and everyone will have a blast searching once the sun goes down. 

Host a spooky movie marathon.

Nothing says Halloween like a scary movie. Depending on the age of your family members, you can choose from some Halloween Disney favorites or the scariest blockbusters of all time

No matter what you choose to do for Halloween, we hope that you stay safe, have fun, and make smart choices. Halloween is a time for community, and YourTown Health cares about yours. Give us a call at 770-463-4644 to make an appointment at one of our many locations to discuss Halloween health (or health any time) today.