YourTown Health Services

Primary Health Care

We want our Community Medical Centers to become your “medical home”—the place where you lay the foundation for good health. Our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners are here to provide you both preventative and curative health care. We are able to treat your short term illnesses, like the flu, at the same time we manage any chronic conditions you have, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Part of primary care is also preventing diseases from occurring, so we provide a full range of services designed to keep you healthy. These services include cancer screenings, immunizations, annual physicals, and diagnostic lab work, in addition to education and support to help you maintain or regain good health.

Chronic Disease Management

Our medical providers oversee chronic, or long-term, conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. We focus on treating the whole person—not just a disease. While we monitor your blood work and treat your symptoms, we also educate you about your condition and encourage and support you to comply with your treatments, make any needed lifestyle changes, and work to improve your overall quality of life.

We work with you as a team to keep your chronic diseases in check and improve your health. Also, in an effort to improve the quality of care we give, YourTown Health participates in the National Health Disparities Collaborative for five chronic diseases: hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and cancer care. The goal of this Collaborative is to measure the quality of care we give our patients based on their health outcomes. We compare these outcomes to national averages to learn what we’re doing well and where we need to improve to help our patients achieve better health.

Pediatric & Adolescent Care

Our medical providers give quality care to kids of all ages, from newborn babies all the way to teenagers.

Bring your children in for their annual health checks and immunizations, as well as any bumps, bruises, or sniffles that may come along.


Good oral health is a big part of overall good health, and prevention is the key. Our Community Medical Centers at Greenville and Palmetto has a full-time dentist to provide you both preventative and curative treatment. Our dentists can help you prevent dental problems through bi-annual cleanings, fluoride treatments, and education about proper dental hygiene. If you have an urgent problem, we provide a full range of treatments, including filling cavities, extracting teeth, performing root canals, and treating abscesses.

Immunization & Flu Shots

Each Community Medical Center is able to give all our patients the immunizations they need. We have all the shots kids need for school, as well as the shots that keep adults healthy. Just some of the immunizations available include the Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines, Pneumovax (to prevent pneumonia), Varivax (for chickenpox), and Gardasil (for HPV). We also stock the flu vaccine every year in each of our CMCs.

Patient Assistance Program

We’re committed to helping you achieve better health. If achieving better health requires medication, we will work with you to make sure you can get what you need. For those who need very expensive medications, or who need a lot of different medications, we can help through our Patient Assistance Program. We have a full-time nurse who works with Pharmacy Assistance Programs to get you the medications you need for free or at a very low cost. If you’re having trouble affording your medications, talk to your medical provider today.

Women’s Health

We recognize the special needs women have at every stage of life. Each of our Community Medical Centers provides annual gynecological exams, Pap smears, and family planning; and our Community Medical Center of Palmetto is able to give more extensive gynecological treatment, if you should ever need it. Additionally, our medical providers know that some diseases affect women more than men, or in different ways than men, and they give you the care you need based on this knowledge.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrical (OB) services are those related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the time following childbirth. Gynecology (GYN) services are those related to the female reproductive system. Our Community Medical Center of Palmetto provides obstetrical and advanced gynecological services on Wednesdays. As described in the Women’s Health section, each Community Medical Center provides breast and cervical cancer screenings, Pap smears, and annual exams. Should you need more extensive gynecological testing or treatment, you can get it at Community Medical Center of Palmetto.


We have a unique partnership with residents from the Atlanta Medical Center (AMC). They provide all your prenatal care during your pregnancy, deliver your baby at AMC, and take care of you after your baby is born. For women who don’t have insurance, we have a special program where, for $800, you get all your prenatal and postnatal care, any in-house ultrasounds, and all your prenatal vitamins. The fee is paid in installments over the course of your pregnancy. We also have a bilingual staff to help our Spanish-speaking mothers.

Laboratory Services

Part of maintaining or improving health includes lab work, which can be general or disease specific. Each of our Community Medical Centers provides laboratory testing for monitoring chronic conditions, screening for other diseases, and diagnosing other conditions. Results of most of the labs come back in a day or so, but others we complete in-house and have results much more quickly. The labs we are able to complete on-site include urine pregnancy tests, rapid strep tests, blood glucose checks, and routine urinalysis.


As we age, we have special medical needs, and our medical providers and staff are here to meet those needs. Geriatrics handles the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that are related to aging.

Hispanic Clinic

Community Medical Center of Palmetto has a fully bilingual, culturally competent staff ready to provide a full range of medical services, including prenatal care, to our Hispanic patients.

Referrals to Qualified Specialists

If your condition needs attention from a specialist, we will refer you to a qualified provider. Many of the specialists we work with are local and are happy to work with our patients to set up a sliding fee scale for payments.

Pharmacy Services

Through a unique program available to Community Health Centers, YourTown Health is able to buy thousands of medications at drastically reduced prices. We have our own in-house pharmacy so we can pass these savings on to you. Next time you get a prescription at one of our centers, tell your provider you want it filled at the Pharmacy of Palmetto Health Council. This program is great for those who don’t have insurance, or for those who hit the Medicare “donut hole” each year and must pay full price for their medications. We can offer this only to patients at our Community Medical Centers, so if you’re having a hard time affording your medications, call your nearest Community Medical Center to set up an appointment.

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health providers are dedicated to promoting the well-being of our community by servicing individuals of any age experiencing an emotional or behavioral condition. We offer expert, evidence-based mental health care alongside a compassionate, holistic path to wellness. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and the best possible treatment outcomes.